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WWhy Join?

Here are some of the benefits of membership:

Choose Your Pricing Plan


    Angel Membership

    Every month
    Monthly Fee (1 Year Mininmum)
    Valid for 120 months
  • Family Membership

    Perfect for Couples and their Children under 18
  • Single Membership

    Every year
    1 adult


​Your membership to Eastern Oak Pickleball helps to support the following:


  • No cost participation in most events such as Ladder Leagues, Round Robins, and  Social Events held throughout the year.

  • Initial membership bag tag and name tag.

  • Discount (5%) on merchandise purchased through using code CREOPC. EOPBC also receives 5% towards future purchases when you use the  CREOPC code.

  • Opportunity to advocate and support club efforts directed at improving facilities and growing the sport of Pickleball throughout the Arden/Carmichael area.

  •  Non-Profit Status to help support sports scholarships for children in need in the San Juan School District. 


The membership year runs from January 1st thru December 31st.

We cannot offer a pro-rate membership. 

All memberships begin the day you sign up and end on December 31st

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