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(General Manners)


  • Upon arriving at the court, take a look around to see if people are playing. If the courts are not full, place your paddle on the paddle rack to the left of the gate, indicating your interest in playing with others. If players don't seem to notice you, feel free to approach them and ask if you can rotate into the games. Some players may have their own group or be practicing, and that's okay if the courts aren't full.

  • If the courts are full, place your paddle on the paddle rack and wait your turn. We recommend playing with different partners each time to improve your skills and learn from others.





  • Before starting to play, introduce yourself to your playing partners. If you're a beginner, let them know and ask for their help and advice. Respect the other players and communicate clearly with them throughout the game.

  • When crossing courts, wait until a point is completed, then quickly move behind the players to get to your court. Don't walk across the court in front of players or linger behind them.

  • The receiving team is responsible for calling the ball in or out, and their call should not be questioned. Good or bad, the call is only the responsiblity of the receiving team.  There should be no arguements to verify the call. 

  • If your ball goes into an adjoining court, promptly and loudly call "Ball On!" to help avoid injury.

  • Experienced players can offer useful pointers, but always ask before providing suggestions. Positive encouragement is always welcome!

  • Please write your name on your paddle, so it's visible from multiple angles. On the sides preferably, as it is easily seen from the paddle rack.  During busy times, this makes it easier to identify your paddle and announce your turn. Plus, if you accidentally leave it behind, it'll be easier to return it to you.

  • Join our Facebook Group ( to help you keep up to date with all of our events, and ideas and most importantly to help you find your lost items. Our Facebook Group is our lost and found.  CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP       

  • If you have found an item on the courts, please contact and send a photo of the item.  We will post it on the Facebook page and hope to return it to its rightful owner. 

  • Remember that no player is perfect, so don't chastise your partner for a mistake. Be understanding and encouraging instead.

  • Communicate clearly with your partner before and during the game, using "yours" or "mine" to avoid confusion. If a middle court becomes available, players on the end courts closest to the entrance should "shift/move down" to accelerate play.

  • At the end of every game, touch paddles and convey "good game" to your partners.

Bring JOY to ALL you can!  

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At Eastern Oak Pickleball in Sacramento, we believe that pickleball is a sport that can bring people together and build a sense of community. That's why we're committed to supporting local pickleball clubs and organizations, and we're always looking for ways to give back to the sport and our local community that we love.



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